Principalities; Discerning Jezebel

Today we look at a specific principality being that causes havoc in your world and your churches; Jezebel. Every Church leader and follower of Jesus needs to understand this. It’s ended revivals and churches all over the world.

Therefore, this week Mike unpacks this demonic destroyer of destinies in detail, using biblical insight and personal experience. If we learn this week to spot its traits and tactics, we can ultimately know forever how to stop it getting a foothold and a stronghold in our worlds. (This teaching is 35 minutes long, but has everything in it you need to know).

If you want prayer or advice following this talk for your situation as you believe Jezebel could be at work in your family life, work life, church, or friendship groups, please get in touch and we will pray with you and advise accordingly. LOVE!

Next week Mike will unpack how to remove Jezebel, for those of us who can now see it has already gained too much traction and influence in our worlds.