At the heart of everything we do

Here you’ll find the 5 values central to us as a family of God that make up our culture at Eden and make us different from other churches. Keeping that culture at the heart of everything we do are our teams, you can meet them here.

For a more detailed insight into our culture, vision and strategy, read on.


We are meticulous about designing everything to be simple


We are relentless about cultivating irresistible environments


We are dedicated to raising and fathering wise leaders


We are fanatical about being unweirdly supernatural


We are devoted to being an authentic family

Our Culture

Vision determines destination. Culture determines whether we arrive. Culture will always trump vision. It doesn’t matter where we want to go if we aren’t driving in the right direction. That’s why we are obsessed with our culture, ensuring we are a healthy and fun family heading for revival.

Integral to that are our five cultural values; Simple, Irresistible, Fathering, Supernatural and Family. We don’t count basic things that every church should have ingrained within their DNA like love and passion for Jesus, rather our cultural values are idiosyncratic and individual to us. They define us and we make every decision with them in mind. We live, hire, fire, fail and succeed by these guiding values of Eden.

Our Vision

Mankind was given a mandate to make the rest of the world like Eden; a paradise where we would live in perfect relationship with God and all creation.

Yet, skip through several millennia, past a vast history of rebellious humanity influenced by rebellious spiritual beings, and we find ourselves in a digital world partnering in the writing of a new story.

A story about a family given a holy discontent with the Church we inherited. One that has little in common with the irreligious, inclusive, miraculous, all hands on deck, vibrant, on fire, awe of the family, displayed in the book of Acts.

So from out of our discontent came our destiny. An imperfect and impassioned family, humbly partnering with Jesus in a renaissance that rediscovers His original blueprint for His Church.

This is why God called us Eden. It is a daily reminder we have a renewed Edenic mandate to cultivate a new, yet ancient path of following Jesus.

A people called to become a tribe of transformation; one that influences all areas of society, one life at a time, by bringing Heaven to Earth. A community existing to set free, heal, deliver and disciple people and places in the way of Jesus that would not be amiss in the Scriptures.

In short, our God-given vision is revival; raising a family to bring Heaven to Earth.

Our Strategy

A vision and culture without a plan is destined to fail. Therefore, our strategy has been crafted in prayer and been meticulously designed to be simple.

Ultimately, for revival to come and stay it’s imperative that we are organised to be organic, allowing us to confidently respond to the Holy Spirit as we become a transformative community in Malvern and beyond.

Our strategic method is a flexible and relational flow of how we continuously and naturally make disciples who make disciples. Namely, we embrace our community, equip our committed and empower our core. It is designed in such a way that whichever stage of the faith journey people are on, the next step for learning more about Jesus or belonging and getting involved at Eden is clear.

Our Story

Under the new Leadership of Mike Dibbens, we repurposed the church in 2010. Since then, God’s created a larger and healthier Church family, meaning we needed to build our new transformative facility, the Eden centre, which we opened in 2015.

We are currently exploring the new renaissance of Church we believe Jesus is asking of His followers. We have never been healthier than we are right now, nor been better positioned to begin to step into revival and see our town and area experience the presence of God. Subsequently it’s a great time for you to belong to this fresh and innovative work; where you can be fully known and loved, and where you will be equipped and empowered to make a difference.

Would you like to know more?

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