Welcome to Eden

Raising a family to bring Heaven to Earth


On behalf of us all, welcome to Eden.

A family for you to truly belong to and be valued for who you truly are; regardless of your past, race, background, social status or sexual identity.

A community building a fresh and innovative way of following Jesus and transforming our worlds.

A tribe who prioritise encountering Gods love, power and goodness through presence centred worship, revelatory preaching and interactive discussion.

A church where you and your family will be genuinely equipped and empowered to live out your individual and communal destiny.

Welcome Home, we look forward to meeting you.

Mike and Vic


The reality is Church has made Jesus appear boring, irrelevant, ignorant and fixated on rituals and traditions unaligned with His ancient yet timeless ways.

The simple truth is Jesus is freedom, fun, relevant, inclusive and fixated on a relationship with us.

He died to cleanse our soul. Defeated death to give us an eternal relationship with Father God, and rose again to empower us in the Holy Spirit to bring Heaven to every area of Earth.

Church simplified

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How our epic team work to bring your little people into the presence of God every Sunday.


Check out upcoming events. Supernatural gatherings, praise nights, toddlers groups, board game evenings, coffee nights, quiz nights, football or walks up the hills. There’s always room for someone new :-).

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